Submitting Requests Kept In Review

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Requests that a researcher has kept for review and not yet submitted for fulfillment are placed in the Awaiting User Review status. These requests are stored under the Review Requests menu and can be quickly viewed and submitted, or cancelled, from the Requests In Review grid. Submitting requests from this location allows the user to apply a future scheduled date to the requests. The popup calendar used to schedule a fulfillment date can be configured to require web validation. Requests kept for review can also be submitted individually from the Outstanding Requests grid; using this option does not allow a scheduled date to be selected.

Submitting Requests Kept In Review

To submit a request that has been kept in review:

  1. Click the Review Requests link under the Requests menu to view the Requests in Review table.
  2. This table displays a list of all requests held for submittal.
  3. Select the request(s) you want to submit by checking the box beside the Transaction Number(s).
  4. If you want to submit the request with a future scheduled date, click the Scheduled Date link, or click in the Scheduled Date field, to display the popup calendar.
  5. Select the fulfillment date for the transaction(s). The selected date is added to the Scheduled Date field.
  6. Click the Submit Information button to submit your request(s) for processing.

If you want to edit details of the request before it is submitted, clone a request or export citation information, you can click on the transaction number to open the Transaction Information form.

Cancelling Requests Held in Review

You can cancel one or more requests being held in review by selecting the request(s) in the Requests in Review table and clicking Cancel Requests. You will be returned to the main menu displaying the Outstanding Requests table and a status line message will inform you that the request(s) have been cancelled.

Using Web Validation with the Scheduled Date field in Review Requests

To use web validation to ensure that the scheduled date meets a certain format. For example, if you are requiring that the scheduled date field be used, leaving out the scheduled date when submitting a request will prompt an error message indicating that the date is required. When validation rules are met, requests are submitted successfully. Web validation is called using Ajax to preserve the user's selection of transactions to submit.

See Customizing and Editing Web Pages for further information about web validation.




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