Changing the Display Order of Transactions

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Note: The information in this article only applies to the legacy Aeon 4.1 (or earlier) default web pages. This feature is not supported in the Aeon 5.0+ default web pages.


All grids in the web interface that display a list of requests (for example, the Outstanding Requests grid or the Orders to Submit grid) list the requests in order by descending transaction number, so the most recently submitted transaction is at the top of the list. Researchers can rearrange their transactions so that they are easier to view by sorting them alphabetically or numerically according to the column headers in the grid.

Sorting by Request Grid Table Headers

Sort items alphabetically or numerically according to column header by clicking on the header in the table. The requests automatically arrange to the selected sort order

You can sort the requests in ascending or descending order by clicking the column header to reverse the current order.

Note that the sort order is saved only for the duration of the viewing session. The next time you access the table, it will be displayed in the default sort order.

In the image to the right, the requests are sorted in alphabetically order by Title.





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