Exporting Transaction Citation Information

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Researchers can export citation information from requests in their Aeon account to an RIS file using the Export Citation command. This feature allows researchers to easily add citation information to their bibliographic management tools (e.g., EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, etc.) via the RIS download file.

Exporting Citation Information

To export citation information to an RIS file:

  1. Click the Export Citation link found above the Transaction Information grid.
  2. On the dialog popup, (Opening Request#.ris] select the Save option and click OK. This option is by default preselected for you.
  3. The citation information is saved to a Request.ris file that is named according to the Transaction Number, e.g., Request3.ris.

About RIS Files

The "RIS" format is a format for information providers who deliver bibliographic information to customers on the web. Examples of such providers include organizations such as Google Scholar®, Web of Knowledge®, Ovid®, Science Direct, and OCLC®. Typically, providers maintain websites that allow a user to search a database of bibliographic references and obtain lists of matching references that they can view or save in varying formats.

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