Downloading Activity Information to an Excel Workbook

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This article reflects some changes/features that are not yet publicly available. Aeon 6.0 is in the final stages of testing. Once an official release date has been announced, this message will be updated with more information.


Using download links located on the Activities pages, researchers can download an Excel workbook containing activity, user, and request details for a particular activity. Both download links create an .xls document titled Activity[ID] where ID is the activity ID number. Separate Details, Users, and Requests worksheets supply information about the activity, associated users, and transactions. No permission changes are required to allow a researcher to generate or access the Excel document. The process is done in memory on the server and streamed directly to the user.

Downloading Activity Information

  1. From the Aeon web interface, click the Activities option on the navigation bar.
  2. Next to the activity you want to download, click Download.
  3. Click XLS from the dropdown menu.
  4. The .xls file will begin to download immediately.

    As of Aeon 6.0, activity information will be exported in the .xlsx file format.
You can also click on a specific activity from this grid to view the activity information page, then click Download Excel workbook with all Activity details.

Customizing the Export Course Info Form

You can customize the information displayed in the Activities export file by using .txt files to define the Details, Users, and Requests queries.

You will need to create the following three files and place them in the Aeon web folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Aeon\Web by default):

  • ActivityDetailExportQuery.txt
  • ActivityUsersExportQuery.txt
  • ActivityRequestsExportQuery.txt

These files will override the default predefined queries. You can use these queries to define the fields you want to display, the filters that are applied to exported data, and how field names should be presented.

Field Options

You can use fields from the Users, Transactions, and Activities tables for Activity exports. To see a list of the fields in these tables, see Aeon Database Tables.

Query Examples

This ActivityDetailExportQuery.txt example creates a Details worksheet that displays only the activity name:

SELECT Name as ActivityName FROM Activities WHERE ID = <#ActivityID>

The ActivityUsersExportQuery.txt example creates a Users worksheet that displays only the username, first name, and last name; the columns are displayed as UN, First, and Last as defined in the query:

SELECT username as UN, FirstName as First, LastName as Last FROM Users WHERE username IN (SELECT username FROM ActivityLink WHERE ID = <#ActivityID>)




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