Adding a Photoduplication Request to an Existing Request

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Starting in Aeon 3.8, researchers can request Photoduplication of an Item they have already requested. This option will be available on the Aeon web pages for requests that are at the status of Item on Hold or Item Checked Out (or corresponding Activity statuses). It gives the researcher the opportunity to fill out the necessary details for the photoduplication request (page information, publication details, and format, service level, and shipping option) and begin the Photoduplication process on an item that is already in the reading room. Unlike the Clone to Copy link, the Request Copy option will not create a new request transaction. It will add create an order Record linked to the existing Reading Room Request. It is the equivalent of the Initialize Photoduplication option in the Aeon Client.

When the Request Copy link is clicked, the researcher will be taken to an Edit page and will be able to fill out the information they need. They will not be able to modify the citation fields such as Title or Author, but they will be able to edit Photoduplication detail fields such as Inclusive Pages, Page Count, and Format.

See  Aeon 3.8 Web Page Changes  for information on including this feature on the Aeon web pages.

  1. On the Aeon web pages, click on a request that is at the status of Item on Hold, Item Checked Out, or corresponding Activity statuses.
  2. Click Request Copy. A Photoduplication request form will open.
  3. Fill in the pages needed and any other additional information.
  4. Click Submit Request.
  5. The request will now display in the Aeon client as a new request.



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