Filtering Transactions in the Grid Layout

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You can filter the transactions in Aeon Desktop Client grids to display only those records that you need. Filtering allows you to display a subset of the records that meet particular criteria. When filtering is applied, the records displayed are restricted to those that meet the current filter criteria. You can filter data against single or multiple columns, using either quick filtering or the filter builder.

Quick Filtering

Use the quick filter dropdown to filter grid contents using a list of column fields.

  1. Select a column's value from the filter dropdown (the icon resembling a little thumbtack next to the column header).
  2. Continue selecting values for columns until you create the filter you want to use.

Custom Quick Filter

To create a custom filter that will display in the filter drop-down list:

  1. Click on the filter icon next to the column header.
  2. Select Custom from the drop-down list. The CustomAutoFilter box will open.
  3. Set the parameters for your custom filter, and click OK.

The Filter Editor

It is possible to create a filter with multiple criteria using the filter editor.

  1. To open the filter builder, right-click on a column header and choose Filter Editor. The filter builder will open.
  2. Clicking on the parameters in the filter builder, choose the columns and criteria you want to apply to the filter.
  3. The grid changes to reflect the parameters of your filter.

The active filters for the grid are displayed at the bottom of the screen along with icons options to temporarily disable the filter, permanently remove the filter or to edit the filter.

Clearing the Filter

  • To temporarily clear a filter, uncheck the applied filter at the bottom of the grid.
  • To permanently remove the filter you can click the X that is next to the filter criteria.

Alternatively, you can clear a filter by clicking the filter icon in the column header and choosing (All) or by right-clicking on the filtered column header and choosing Clear Filter.

Be aware that the results of filtering are saved and DO persist for future use. If the filter is intended to only be temporary, be sure to clear the filter before closing the form or tab where the grid is located.


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