Aeon Desktop Client Keyboard Shortcuts

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KeyTips provide quick access to the menus and controls on Tabs, Ribbons, the Quick Access Toolbar and the Main Menu Icon in the Aeon Desktop Client. Clicking the ALT key or the F10 key displays KeyTips for the Quick Access Toolbar, the Main Menu Icon and all of the Tabs on the Ribbon. Typing the letter or number associated with the Tab, Toolbar or Icon displays the KeyTips for all controls housed there. For example, clicking the H key opens the Home ribbon and displays the KeyTips for those controls. Clicking any of the KeyTips associated with a control selects that control and performs the associated action or opens the associated form. 

Redisplaying KeyTips

Click ESC to move backward in the KeyTip hierarchy. For example, if you are viewing Ribbon KeyTips, clicking ESC will redisplay the Tabs KeyTips. If you are in a dropdown menu on the Ribbon (such as the Process menu), the menu will close and the KeyTips for all controls on the Ribbon will redisplay.

Closing KeyTips 

Click ALT or F10 to close KeyTips and return to the form. You can also click anywhere in the form to close KeyTips.


ScreenTips provide information about a control. They appear when the mouse pointer hovers over the control. For example, the ScreenTip for the User Information field on the Search Requests group of the Home ribbon explains the database fields used as search criteria. ScreenTips disappear when the control is selected or the mouse is moved away from the control.

Toggle Buttons

Some of the controls on the Aeon ribbons are toggle buttons that can limit the results of a search or action. These buttons will not perform a function when clicked, but they will make performing the function easier. Toggle buttons turn orange when they are activated.

Dialog Box Launchers

A dialog box launcher is a small icon that appears in a group. Users click this icon to open related dialog boxes or task panes that provide more options that relate to the group. An example of a dialog box launcher in Aeon is the tiny icon located to the right of the Search Requests, Search Users and Search Activities groups on the Home ribbon. Clicking the icon opens the Custom search form for that particular group.

Hovering and Selecting Elements

Hovering over a control highlights the control by changing the background color. 


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