Logging into the Aeon Desktop Client

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Staff users need to have an Aeon account and Client user permissions before they can log into the Aeon Desktop Client. You create staff accounts and establish permissions in the Aeon Staff Manager. Once staff users have an account and Client user permissions, they can begin using the Aeon Desktop Client. See Adding and Removing Staff Users for more information.

Like most Windows-based programs, the Aeon Desktop Client is launched by double-clicking the appropriate icon to open a Logon form.

  1. Double-click the Aeon Icon to open the logon form. Enter your Username and Password and press return or click the OK button to log in.
  2. A splash screen with the Aeon logo and a progress indicator appears to let you know that the client is loading.
  3. The Aeon Desktop Client opens to the Home page displaying the Home ribbon, request groups, and user and system information.

The password you use to log into the Aeon Desktop Client may be different from your Aeon web logon password.

Logging in with Quick User Switching

If the Aeon Desktop Client is already open, staff users can log in from the Aeon Icon on the Home page. See Quick User Switching for more information.


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