Customizing Grid Layout

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The Request and Activities groups on the Aeon Desktop Client Home page as well as the Batch Processing forms, search results forms, and many other forms use grids to display information. There are several customizations you can make to these grids so they are visually easier for you to work with and better suit your workflow needs. You can sort and group data in several different ways and you can filter data to include only specific information. You can rearrange columns, set column margins, and, if you have layout customization permissions, add columns to your grids. You can also remove columns you don't want to display.

Each staff user's grid customization changes can be saved when exiting the Aeon Desktop Client. Saved changes are stored in the database for each staff user and appear each time the user logs on. They are retained until the staff user makes additional changes or restores the grid to the default layout. Staff users with layout customization permissions can also save grid customizations as .xml files that can be shared with other users and uploaded onto their desktop client forms. In addition to customizing the look of your grids, the data within the grids can be exported or copied and used for reporting purposes.






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