Organizing Queues

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Staff can organize and categorize queues in the Requests and Activities groups of the Aeon Desktop Client in a way that works best for them. Changes to categories and sort order of queues are saved to the database upon exiting the desktop client and appear each time the user logs in. They are retained until the staff user makes additional changes or restores the page to the default layout. Changes are also retained when switching between users using the Quick User Switching feature.

Organizing Queues

The Aeon Desktop Client allows staff to reorder all the queues displayed on the home page to whatever order works best for that individual. The default order is alphabetical, but staff can reorder the list to a configuration that matches the Special Collections process or move queues that aren't relevant to the bottom of the list. To reorder a queue, simply click on the queue and drag it to the applicable location.

Adding Categories

Staff can also add categories to the grids on the home page of the Aeon Desktop Client to further organize their workflow. For example, you can create the categories 'Reading Room Requests' and 'Photoduplication Orders' to separate the relevant queues for each of these workflows (see image below).

  1. To add a category, right-click on the queue for which you want to create the category, and select Add to New Category.
  2. To reorder a category, click and drag it directly above or below any other category.

Returning to Default View

Changes to queues and categories are saved upon logout for each individual user and will remain as designed unless returned to the default view. To remove categories and return queues to the default layout, right-click a category or queue and select Reset to Default View.

Custom categories will disappear from view if there are no active transactions in the queues for that category. The category will return when transactions are moved to the status queues under the category.





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