The Quick Access Toolbar

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The Quick Access Toolbar resides to the right of the Main Menu icon at the top of the Aeon Home page.

By default the Quick Access Toolbar houses the following options:

  • Refresh allows you to instantly update data on the form.
  • Close All Tabs closes any open Requests or Activities queue tabs and their associated ribbons.
  • Manage Tabs allows you to switch quickly between open Requests and Activities tabs and their associated ribbons.

    (Note: This option was previously called Manage Windows and was updated to say Manage Tabs in version 4.0.)

Working with the Quick Access Toolbar

Adding Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a handy feature that allows you to place commonly used buttons in one easy to access place so that you don't have to search through different tabs to find the commands or fields you use the most. Generally, any commands or fields, including text fields and checkboxes, that exist on the ribbon can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. To add a command or field to the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the command or field and select the Add to Quick Access Toolbar option.
  2. The command or field is added to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  3. The ellipses above the commands let you know there are more commands than fit on the toolbar. Click the arrow to see these commands.

Removing Commands from the Quick Access Toolbar

  1. To remove commands from the Quick Access Toolbar, simply right click the command or field on the toolbar (or from the default location) and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. The command or field is removed from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Moving the Quick Access Toolbar

By default, the Quick Access Toolbar displays along the top of the form to the right of the Main Menu icon.

  1. Change the Quick Access Toolbar to display underneath the ribbon by clicking the little arrow to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar, or by right-clicking on any command or field on the ribbon or on the toolbar, and selecting Show Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon.
  2. The Quick Access Toolbar moves below the Home ribbon.
  3. To return the toolbar to the default location, click the arrow again and select Show Quick Access Toolbar Above the Ribbon.



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