Searching for Requests on the Web

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You can search for requests using the Search box located on the top right of all default Aeon web pages. Search using a Transaction Number or any term that would be in the Request form, such as title or author information. Aeon searches are Unicode compatible and will accept and display CJK, Hebrew, Arabic and other non-Western character sets as well as Extended Latin.

The search box will search the TransactionNumber, EADNumber, ItemNumber, ReferenceNumber, ISXN, ItemTitle, ItemSubTitle, and ItemAuthor fields. Item Info fields are not searched.

Searching Requests

To search for an item in Aeon, enter your search term in the Search box and click Search. You can limit searches by only active requests or all requests by clicking the radio button to the left of each option.

List of Search Results

After a successful search, a list of search results is displayed.

Viewing Search Results

You can see the details of the record by clicking on the Transaction Number. The request is displayed. Any actions that can be performed on the request will be displayed at the top of the form.


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