Submitting Reference Requests

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The Reference Request feature allows researchers to send information requests to staff via an email sent to the Aeon client. Email conversations between staff and researchers are processed through the Reference Request workflow queues in the client. Using a Reference Request email address, researchers can send library staff questions via email to see if they need to plan a reading room visit or request duplications.

To learn how staff process Reference requests, see Processing Reference Requests.

To enable receipt of email into Aeon, the System Manager must be configured via customization keys to monitor a POP email account to import new messages. See Configuring Reference Request Emails for further information.

Submitting Reference Requests via Email

Existing Aeon users and non-account holders can submit Reference requests via email to the Aeon client. The reply message from staff is sent to the researcher's email address. Based on the response from staff, researchers can then submit a new loan or photoduplication request. All replies from staff contain a Reference Request tag. This tag helps determine if an email received from a patron is a reply to an existing Reference request.




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