Partial or Incorrect Items

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When checking in an item from the Lender, you can click the Partial/Incorrect button to indicate that the item is a) not the correct requested item, or b) does not contain all requested pieces or items. Once this button is clicked, the request will move to the status of Received Partial/Incorrect Item. Once a request is at this status, you can deal with manually it on a case by case basis. It will remain in this queue until you move it to a different status.


Partial/Incorrect Possible Scenarios

The following are example scenarios, and may or may not reflect your actual situation or workflow.

Scenario 1

For a hard-copy item request, you receive an item that is not the correct item.

  1. Check the item in as normal
  2. Write a note in the Notes field that you received the wrong item
  3. Skip the steps to print slips or contact the customer
  4. Move straight to the Check In from customer screen and check the item in
  5. Print return slips and mail the item back to the Lending library
  6. Route the request back to Awaiting Request Processing and order again
    • When you click Send Request from the work form it will ask if you want to replace the OCLC request, click Yes

Scenario 2

For an article request, you notice when doing Electronic Delivery that an article is incorrect or is scanned wrong.

  1. Clear the file from Electronic Delivery
  2. Route the request to Received Partial/Incorrect Item
  3. Contact the other library to have them resend the article
  4. When you receive the resend, if it is an Odyssey request it will move to Awaiting Odyssey Processing and the Electronic Delivery process will happen again. You can also check the article in manually.

Scenario 3

You received an item from library ABC but they never updated to Shipped, so the OCLC request moved on library XYZ and library XYZ has updated to Shipped.

  1. Confirm that the item you have received is not from the library who marked the item as Shipped
  2. If it is not, click the Partial/Incorrect button to move it to Received Partial/Incorrect Item
  3. Write a note in the Notes field indicating what you are doing
  4. Do not give the item to the patron, instead wait until the item comes from the correct library
  5. Once the item comes from the library who marked the item as Shipped, check it in as normal and give to the patron
  6. Send the incorrect item back to the library

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