Searching & Sending Requests: Choosing a Request to Process

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All new loan requests will import to the Awaiting Request Processing queue. All new article requests will import to the Awaiting Copyright Clearance Queue. (See Copyright processing section for information.) Article requests will route to Awaiting Request Processing after copyright clearance processing.

Double-click the Awaiting Request Processing queue from the Borrowing tab list and a grid list will display with all requests to process. Select a request by double-clicking on a record in the list.

Request Form will open. Processing to create the ILL request is managed within the Request Form.

To help prevent multiple staff users from processing a request at the same time, a request is moved into the Request In Processing status when it is opened from a Request Processing Queue. This status change will keep that request from displaying in the Awaiting Request Processing queue list and being available for processing from that list.

Request Processing Queues

  • Any custom queue
  • Awaiting ALA Request Processing
  • Awaiting Request Processing
  • Awaiting Document Delivery Processing
  • Awaiting Lending Request Processing
  • Awaiting Conditional Request Processing
  • Awaiting Renewal Request Processing

NOTE: ILLiad staff member may open a request in Request In Processing status via direct search or if they had already had the Awaiting Request Processing request list open and the form was not refreshed.

Processing Options

There are three main paths for a request to take at this point:

  1. You can create a request in an ILL system (OCLC, Docline, RAPID, Local Routing)
  2. You can cancel it. (See Cancelling Borrowing Requests for details.)
  3. You can route it to another queue to be processed at a later time. (See Routing Requests to Other Queues for details.)

To verify the item is not owned by your library, you can search your local holdings with Z39.50 or an Addon. 


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