Checking In/Out Items: Checking Items In From the Lender

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Once a request is received from the lending library, you need to mark it received in ILLiad. Once ILLiad knows it has been received, you can print labels for the items and notify the patron that their item has arrived.

  1. From the ILLiad main screen, click on the Borrowing Ribbon.
  2. Click Check In From Lending Library.
  3. Search for the request by entering the Transaction Number, the ILL Number, or any citation information and clicking Search.
  4. If more than one record matches the search criteria, a list of matches will display. Double-click the correct record.
  5. Once you have the correct record, verify that the item matches the transaction information.
  6. Click the checkboxes for any special instructions (Library Use Only, Allow Photocopies, etc.).
  7. Verify that lender selected is the correct lender symbol and address or search for the lender if no lender string.

    Beginning with version 9.0, if a transaction has no lender string, a search box appears (in place of the radio buttons to select the lender) allowing staff to search for the lender. The search button is enabled when something is typed in the text search field.

  8. Enter the Due Date and number of pieces, and add any notes or special instructions.
  9. Click Check In.

You can limit your search to only items that have the status of Request Sent by clicking the Sent Only toggle button.

Note there is no SAVE command or icon on this page. The act of clicking the Check In option saves any changes that are made to the checked-in item. Changes are reflected on the Request form and the item will move to the appropriate queue, Awaiting Post Receipt Processing, automatically.


Check In Options

Check In

The Check In button is used to check in loans and any articles that have been received as paper and will be delivered to the customer in that same paper format.

Click the Check In button to mark the item as received. Keep the items in order as you process them.

The paperwork will print in the order the transactions were processed. Continue to check items in until you have finished all of the items that need to be processed.

Check In Scan Now (Article Requests)

This option is used to check in articles that have been received on paper but will be scanned into Odyssey and delivered to the customer electronically as PDF files.

Click the Check In Scan Now button to mark the item as received and pull up the Borrowing Scanning form. This allows you to scan and post the article immediately as a part of the check-in process.

Check In Scan Later (Article Requests)

This option is used to check in articles that have been received on paper but will be scanned into Odyssey and delivered to the customer electronically as PDF files.

Click the Check In Scan Later button to mark the item as received and route the transaction to a status of Awaiting Borrowing Scanning.

This allows you to check the item in at that point, but scanning and posting the article may take place at some other time or on some other workstation.

Partial/Incorrect If the item received is incorrect or incomplete, press the Partial / Incorrect button to send this request to the Partial / Incorrect Queue for later processing. See Partial or Incorrect Items for more information.
Cancel Request If it is determined that the request should be cancelled at this point for whatever reason, you may do so using the Cancel Request button.
Notify Electronic Delivery

This button is used only to send a notification e-mail to the customer informing him/her that the article has been delivered electronically and is now available from the ILLiad web pages.

This button sends the notification e-mail and changes the status of the request to Delivered to Web. All conversion/processing of the electronic article is handled manually outside of ILLiad.

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