Searching & Sending Requests: Creating and Editing the Work Form

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Once you have chosen your lender string, you can create a workform by clicking the Create Work Form button just below the Selected Lenders List. This will display the OCLC Work Form on the Request form.

The system uses the constant data record specified in either the OCLCArticleCD or OCLCLoanCD keys in the Customization table, depending on the request type of the transaction being requested, and the values in your WorkFormMapping table to populate the fields of the work form. For each entry in the WorkFormMapping table, there is a key named ConstantDataAction that instructs the system whether the WorkFormMapping value or the Constant Data value takes precedence if they differ. These ConstantDataAction values can be edited in the Customization Manager. If you select a different Constant Data record from the Constant Data menu at any point prior to creating the work form for a specific request, the selected Constant Data record will be used.

Required Fields on the OCLC Work Form

Several fields must have values in them before the Send Request button will be enabled. Required Fields include the following:

Need Before Identifies the date after which the request will expire on OCLC.
Lender Identifies the potential lenders to which the request will be sent.
Title Identifies the Title of the work being requested.
Verified Contains the ILLiad Transaction number and Odyssey address information for the Borrowing institution.
The ILLiad transaction number is now required in the OCLC Verified field in order to submit a request.
The WorkFormMapping table should insert it by default, but if staff accidentally delete it or change the
value to an invalid format, an error message will appear for it to be corrected (Error Sending Request).
Ship To Identifies the address to which the item should be shipped.
Bill To Identifies the address to which invoices should be sent.

Modifying the Work Form

To modify any information in the work form before sending it, simply type your changes into the appropriate fields of the form. There is no need to save changes to the work form. Work form information is not sent to OCLC until the request itself is sent. At that time, whatever information is in the ILLiad work form is sent to OCLC as a part of the request.

Selecting a Different Constant Data Set

If you have multiple Constant Data sets for your institution, you may apply a Constant Data set other than the default pulled up by the system, you may do so from the Constant Data menu. Selecting a Constant Data set from the drop-down will apply the selected data set to the open Work Form and overwrite any existing information in the fields populated by the data set.

The default Constant Data sets are used automatically by the ILLiad Client are specified in the Customization Manager under System | OCLC in the OCLCILLArticleCD and OCLCILLLoanCD keys.

Modifying the Lender String

To modify the Lender String of an existing work form, click the Modify button to the right of the Lenders field. This will return you to the Holdings tab, where you may edit your Selected Lenders List. Once you are satisfied with the Selected Lenders List, click the Create Work Form button again to return to the work form and update it with the new lender string.

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