Contacting the Customer: Awaiting Customer Contact

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After items have been received and labels have been printed, they will move from Awaiting Post-Receipt Processing to the status of In Transit to Pickup Location. This status (added in ILLiad 8.5) allows you to delay notifying patrons that their items have arrived. Requests for Mail to Address patrons will continue to move straight to Awaiting Customer Contact, and will skip the In Transit status. If you want items to skip this status and notify your patrons right after printing receives, see the routing rule below.

In addition, starting in ILLiad 8.5 notifications for received items are no longer sent manually. This will be done automatically by the ILLiad System Manager. The System Manager will check for items at the status of Awaiting Customer Contact every 5 minutes and send notifications automatically. This time period is not configurable.

Awaiting Customer Contact

After items have been checked in and receive slips and/or labels have been printed, they will move to the status of In Transit to Pickup Location. Items will remain in this status until they are moved to Awaiting Customer Contact, where the patron can be notified that the item is available for pickup.

To move items to the Awaiting Customer Contact status:

  1. From the ILLiad main screen, click the Borrowing tab.
  2. Click the bottom half of the Contact Customers button, then click In Transit Items Received.
  3. The In Transit Items batch processing form will open. This batch processing form works the same way as other batch processing in ILLiad.
  4. Scan or type in the number of the request to add to the list.
  5. Once you have added all items you want to move to the Awaiting Customer Contact status, click Process Queue.
  6. You can also have items processed automatically when the number is entered if the Auto Process button is selected.

The In Transit step is automatically skipped when the User record value for Loan Delivery Method is set to Mail to Address.

If you want to skip this step for all or some requests, see Skipping the In Transit to Pickup Location Status.

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