Grouping Transactions in the Grid Layout

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You can group transactions to arrange them in a viewing order that works for you. Grouping allows you to sort data by columns other than the default column as well as by values of one or more of the columns. Multiple columns can be grouped to break the data down further. Groups are displayed in a tree interface and can be expanded or collapsed. Right-click on the column headers to bring up the grouping commands as shown in the image. You can also sort the information in the column in ascending or descending order, and filter the information shown in the column.

Arrange Grid By Column

To simply rearrange the order of one or more of the columns, click and drag the columns to the order you choose.

The Group By Box Option

The Group By Box option is a visual representation of what fields are being grouped and in what order. Here we've grouped by Username and then again by ItemTitle.

  1. To display the group by box option, right click on the grid and click Show Group By Box.
  2. Above the grid, a small space appears that says, Drag a column header here to group by that column.
  3. To add a column to the grouping, drag the column header into the group by box space.
  4. If there are multiple columns being grouped, you can order which grouping occurs first by dragging column headers above or below the other column headers in the space.
  5. The result of your grouping is displayed in the grid in a tree interface.

Ungrouping a Group by Box

  1. To ungroup a column, drag it out of the group by box space and place it back with the other column headers in the appropriate position.
  2. A small black rectangle will display to indicate where the column will be placed on the grid.
  3. Remove a column from the grid by dragging the column header down into the grid. You will see a large X and the column will be removed from the grid.

Expanding, Collapsing and Clearing a Group by Box

  1. To expand or collapse the box tree, clear the group by box space and start over, or just hide the Group by Box space, right click in the box space to see the Expand/Collapse/Clear/Hide Group by Box commands.
  2. Choose the function you want to use.

The Group By Column Option

In addition to the group by box, you can quickly group by column.

  1. Right-click on the column header you want to group by and choose Group By This Column.
  2. The grouping is displayed in the grid in a tree interface.
  3. Unless already being displayed, the group by box will not display when grouping a column.


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