The Requests and Activities Group

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The Requests tab in the Aeon Desktop Client holds a complete list of all item requests organized by process queue. The Activities tab houses a list of all active Activities organized in a grid. The Reference tab holds all reference email conversations between researchers and staff.

How Tabs and Forms Work in the Requests and Activities Group

The Requests Group demonstrates best the dynamic capability of Aeon. Clicking on a queue (for example, Awaiting Request Processing) opens the queue so you can view each transaction, changes the name at the top of the page from Home to Awaiting Request Processing and changes the ribbon tabs and components. The Awaiting Requests Processing tab within the Requests and Activities group is also highlighted. At first glance, it appears as though a new page has been opened. However, you are actually still on the Home page and need only to click the Home tab on the Ribbon to return to and use the Home ribbon. Alongside the Home tab in your Requests group is a new tab for the queue that you opened, Awaiting Request Processing. Click the Home tab here, and you are once again back on the Home page with its ribbons, tabs, groups, and header.

Customizing Page Layouts and Grids for the Requests and Activities Group

The layout of the Requests and Activities groups, and the grids on the Activities group and within the Request queues in the Aeon Desktop Client are fully customizable. Changes are stored in the database for each staff user.


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