Submitting Requests

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This section explains the methods that can be used to send requests to staff using the Aeon system.


There are several methods for placing requests with the Aeon system. Requests can be placed manually in the Aeon web pages or from external sources outside of Aeon.

Submitting Requests from External Systems

When sending request information automatically to Aeon from external sources such as OpenURL, web session data is maintained by use of a tag placed within the web pages.

This allows seamless integration and user authentication when submitting from external sources.

Submitting Duplicate Requests

The Aeon request submission process prohibits accidental submission of duplicate requests from the web interface. In the Activity a researcher attempts to resubmit a request after refreshing the request form or using the back button, a default status line added to the html request form posts a message notifying the researcher that the request has already been submitted.




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