Viewing Email Notification History

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The Notifications link, located under the Requests section of the Main Menu, allows users to view request-related emails such as the cancellation email sent by the Aeon system. These notifications display automatically regardless of email settings in the Customization Manager because unlike the original email, Notifications are not sent by the System Manager. The Notifications feature serves as a secondary reminder to the user and is not a replacement for the original email. Note that the Notifications link is for request emails only and does not include user-related emails such as account notifications.

Viewing Notifications

Notifications are displayed on under the Requests section of the Main Menu. Clicking Notifications opens the email Notifications page displaying a list of request-related emails generated by the client. The 20 most recent emails sent to the user are displayed in a grid and organized by Subject and the date the email was sent. Clicking on the subject link opens a page displaying the details of the selected email.


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