Editing Email Templates

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There are three sections in an email template:

  • Template Details: Includes the Name, Type, Transaction Status, Photoduplication Status, and Description of the template. The Description field is an editable field.
  • Template Content: Includes Recipient Name, Recipient Address, CC Address, BCC Address, From, Reply To, and Subject. These fields are often prepopulated and can be filled using static information or field tags.
  • Body: The body text of the templates is prepopulated for you, and includes field tags to pull information from the database. You can edit the body of the template.

You can edit any of the 3 sections of the default email templates.

  1. To open and view a template for editing, click on the Edit button in the Email Templates ribbon and choose the template you want to edit.
  2. To edit text, simply make the changes you want to make to the Template Details, address or body section of the template. Edited fields will be highlighted until the changes are saved.
  3. To add or edit a field, right-click in the text box to bring up the menu of available database table fields and click the field tag you want to use.
  4. Click Save in the Email Templates ribbon to save the changes.


Adding Database Tags to Email Templates

Tags allow you to pull information from your Aeon database straight into your emails so you don't have to manually type that information. You can easily add these fields to your email templates.

  1. On any field that allows tags to be added, right-click to see the tag options.
  2. Select the tag you want by first selecting the database table (such as User or Request) and then the field name (such as ItemTitle or CallNumber).
  3. The tag will display in the email.
  4. Click Save to save changes.



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