Creating Email Templates

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You can create new Transaction, User, Activity, and Appointment email templates in the Customization Manager.

  1. Under the Email Templates ribbon, click New and choose either Transaction Template, User Template, Activity Template, or Appointment Template.
  2. A blank template will open. The Type field will be labeled Transaction, User, Activity, or Appointment depending upon which template type you chose.
  3. Complete the Template Details and address lines, using static information or field tags.
  4. Draft the body text of the email, using the supplied field tags by right-clicking and selecting from the field tables.
  5. When you are finished, click the Save button in the Email Templates ribbon.
  6. Your new template now appears under the Edit button on the Email Templates ribbon and is ready to use.

You can also copy a template, make changes to it, and save it as a new template. Simply open a template by clicking Edit and the template you would like to copy. The template will open. Click Copy and the Name of the template disappears. Type the name you choose for your new template, make the changes you want to make, and select Save.


Deleting Email Templates

You can delete an email template that you no longer want to use. You cannot delete any of the default email templates.

  1. Under the Email Templates ribbon, click Edit and choose the template that you want to delete.
  2. The selected template displays. Click the Delete button in the Emails Template ribbon.
  3. A confirmation window asks if you want to delete the template and warns that the action cannot be undone.
  4. Click Yes to delete the template. The selected template will be deleted from the database.


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