Contacting the Customer: Skipping the In Transit to Pickup Location Status

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The purpose of the In Transit to Pickup Location status is to allow staff to have time in between processing and checking in the item and actually notifying the patron that the item is available. If you want to automatically notify patrons after checking items in and skip the step of In Transit to Pickup Location, you can create routing rules to do this. Requests for Mail to Address patrons will automatically skip this step and will move straight to Awaiting Customer Contact.

To create and edit Routing Rules, open the ILLiad Customization Manager and navigate to System | Routing | Routing. See Configuring Routing Rules for more information about Routing Rules in ILLiad.

Skip In Transit to Pickup Location for all Loan Requests

This rule will route all loan requests directly from In Transit to Pickup Location to Awaiting Customer Contact, skipping the In Transit to Pickup Location status. 

RuleActive Yes
ProcessType Borrowing
TransactionStatus In Transit to Pickup Location
MatchString t.RequestType = 'Loan'
NewProcessType Borrowing
NewTransactionStatus Awaiting Customer Contact
RuleDescription Moves all loan requests straight to Awaiting Customer Contact (bypassing In Transit to Pickup Location) for immediate notification.

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