Checking In/Out Items: Printing Returns

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Print your Borrowing Return Slips from the Check Item In screen by clicking the Print button in the Returns group of the ribbon. The Print Returns ribbon icon, located on the Borrowing ribbon, is used to complete the process of returning an item. This process will print return address labels and return slips, which are placed with the items to be returned.

See the printing section for more details on the ILLiad printing process.



This data file prints one record for each piece to be returned. Each physical item in a multiple-piece transaction (for example, a three-volume set) has its own document(s).

Printing Return Address Labels and Return Slips

Select Print Returns from the Borrowing ribbon on the Main Page. ILLiad will either print or open the BorrowingReturnAddressLabels.doc templates and the associated Word file for viewing and editing, depending upon your specified printing preferences. If the Return Slips document is set in the Customization Manager to open for this function, ILLiad will also print/open the Return Slips document (BorrowingReturnSlips.doc). The Return Slips and the Return Address Labels use the same ILLiad data. If you elect to view and edit your documents before printing, and you have successfully printed the Word documents, close the open documents and templates without saving them. 

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