Locating ILLiad Transactions Associated with a CCC Marketplace Invoice

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.1.4+
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The new Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) web service first implemented in ILLiad Client v9.1.4 no longer accepts the ILLiad transaction number when creating copyright orders through the ILLiad Client. As a result, invoices from the CCC Marketplace will no longer include information on the ILLiad transaction numbers associated with each order.


The CCC plans to reimplement support for accepting the ILLiad transaction number in a future update scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. To reconcile your Marketplace invoices with the ILLiad transactions before this update is available, you can use the order number on your CCC Marketplace invoice in conjunction with the ILLiad Copyright web report to locate the individual ILLiad transactions associated with the order:

  1. Locate the Order Number on your CCC Marketplace invoice and make a note of this number

    Note: Ensure that you use the Order Number and not the Invoice Number.
  2. Click on the ILLiad Web Reports button located on the System ribbon in the ILLiad Client and log in with your credentials in the external browser window that appears:


    Note: Individual staff user accounts must be granted permission to access the Web Reports in the ILLiad Staff Manager.
  3. Once logged in, click on Administrative and then click Copyright to access the Copyright web report:


  4. Enter a date range that includes the date that the order was placed, and optionally specify the ILLiad site:


  5. Click Generate Report
  6. Locate the Completed Copyright Orders section of the report, then click and drag the CCC Order Number column into the grouping toggle:


    Note: The CCC Order Number column will be labeled Order Detail in versions of ILLiad prior to ILLiad v9.2.
  7. Locate the row for the order number on your Marketplace invoice noted in step 1 and then click the + button to expand the grouping for that order:


  8. The list of ILLiad transactions associated with that CCC order number will display, allowing you to reconcile your Marketplace invoice with the individual ILLiad transactions:



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