CCC Error Troubleshooting

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.1.4 & 9.2
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After the CCC switched to the new API, there were a lot of changes impacting user accounts. This article contains information for troubleshooting CCC errors returned by the ILLiad Client.

Error Message & Their Resolutions

Error Messages:

Error Communicating with CCC. Please Ensure that Your CCC Credentials are Configured Correctly (9.1)/Unable to authenticate with CCC. Please check your configuration. (9.2)

If you have properly configured your CCC Marketplace credentials in the past and are only experiencing this error intermittently on the Process Copyright form, this may be caused by a known bug that prevents the ILLiad Client from reauthenticating CCC credentials after the Client is left idle. Please see Resolving CCC Credentials Error After Client is Left Idle for more information on resolving this issue.

Verify the following:

  1. You have a CCC Marketplace account and can successfully log in.
  2. You have entered the CCC Marketplace account credentials into the CCCUsername and CCCPassword customization keys in the ILLiad Customization Manager (under Borrowing | Copyright) and there are no trailing spaces in the field value.
  3. The billing info in the CCC Marketplace matches the BillingAddress fields set in the ILLiad Customization Manager's LocalInfo table:
    • General Country
    • BillingAddress1
    • BillingCity
    • BillingState
    • BillingZip
  4. The CCC Marketplace account is a corporate account and not an individual account.

    Once logged into the CCC Marketplace, navigate to your Account Settings to view the User and Billing Details. If your account is a corporate account you should see two sections, one for user information and one for billing information. If you only see one section, then it is not a corporate account.

If you have done all this, Enable Debug Logging and send Client logs to Atlas Support ( for review. Review logs. If no distinct errors stand out, the CCC recommends the following:

  • Reset the CCC Marketplace account password and update the CCCPassword customization key.

If the account still doesn't work, the CCC recommends:

  1. Create a new Marketplace account and contact the CCC to link the accounts so the order history is retained.
  2. Accounts can be created here: When selecting an account, institutions will need to create a corporate account NOT an individual account.

User_Misconfigured Error

Please contact Atlas Support ( for assistance if you see the following error in the Client logs, or if you see two accounts when you log into the CCC Marketplace:

ERROR AtlasSystems.ILLiad.Client.Controls.CopyrightSearch - 
CCC error: USER_MISCONFIGURED - User for given transaction is misconfigured:
could be the result of not having the correct role, or user is associated
with multiple organizations.

This means that your institution has both a RightsLink and Marketplace account associated with the same username. Atlas Support will contact the CCC to create a new account for you with a different username and also configure the new account with your order history, billing information, and other necessary settings.

Error retrieving price information from CCC

Contact the CCC and have them add the default preferred pricing to the CCC Marketplace account. 

An Error Occurred Submitting an Order to the CCC

  1. Verify that the billing information in the CCC Marketplace matches the BillingAddress fields in the ILLiad Customization Manager's LocalInfo table:
    • General Country
    • BillingAddress1
    • BillingCity
    • BillingState
    • BillingZip
  2. Enable Debug Logging and send Client logs to Atlas Support (
    1. If you get the following error log, contact the CCC and have the default payment method changed from credit card to invoice:
CCC Error message: 400 : [{"response":{"status":{"code":"BAD_PARAMETER",
"message":"Bad parameter [paymentInfo:creditCardInfo is empty or null;] supplied"}}}]

Location Error or User Couldn't be Found

Those who registered for an account but didn’t contact the CCC afterward may experience a "can’t find location" error or "user couldn’t be found" error. This is because there is a value that needs to be added by the CCC once the account is created. The CCC added this to all currently existing accounts.

504 - Gateway Timeout or 500 – internal server error

This is caused by the Amazon Web Service being down that hosts the CCC servers. Please check the status of AWS.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

Contact Support