CCC Account Credentials & Order Submission Errors

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Product Ares
Version 5.0.4+
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After the CCC switched to the new API, there were a lot of changes impacting user accounts. This article contains information for troubleshooting CCC errors returned by the Ares Client.

Error Message & Their Resolutions

Error Messages:

Unable to authenticate with CCC/CCC Configuration previously flagged as invalid

If you do not use CCC copyright processing in the Ares Client, please see Using Ares Copyright Processing Without a CCC Marketplace Account After the 5.0.4/5.0.6 Update for instructions on removing these error messages.

These errors appear when valid CCC Marketplace credentials are not properly configured in the Ares Customization Manager's CCCUsername and CCCPassword keys. If you are attempting to use CCC copyright processing in the Ares Client and receive these errors, please verify the following: 

  1. You have a CCC Marketplace account and can successfully log in.
  2. You have entered the CCC Marketplace account credentials into the CCCUsername and CCCPassword customization keys in the Ares Customization Manager (under System | Copyright) and there are no trailing spaces in the field value.

If you have done all this, Enable Debug Logging and send Client logs to Atlas Support ( for review. Review logs. If no distinct errors stand out, the CCC recommends the following:

  • Reset the CCC Marketplace account password and update the CCCPassword customization key.

If the account still doesn't work, the CCC recommends:

  1. Create a new Marketplace account and contact the CCC to link the accounts so the order history is retained.
  2. Accounts can be created here: When selecting an account, institutions will need to create a corporate account NOT an individual account.

Example error messages:




Ambiguous CCC Location

This error is caused when the CCCLocation key is not properly configured for institutions operating in multiple countries that have multiple Location IDs associated with the institutional CCC account connected to Ares. To correct this error, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the location configuration information for your CCC Marketplace account from the Ares Client error message
  2. Open the Ares Customization Manager and navigate to the CCCLocation key under System | Copyright
  3. Update the value of the key for each site in your Ares instance to the appropriate value obtained in step one
  4. Contact the CCC if you need further assistance determining the appropriate location ID value(s)
Please do not configure the CCCLocation key if your institution only operates in a single country.

Example error message:


Error in the Right and Terms fields for Ares items associated with Special Request orders

Due to a past known issue in the Ares Client, an error may display in the Right and Terms fields for items that required a Special Request copyright order if an immediate status update is triggered by opening the item record in the Client before the nightly System Manager process has run to update the order status. The CCC Project number and Marketplace Link for the item will not display on the item record until the error is resolved.

Please update to Ares Client v5.0.7 to resolve these errors.



If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

Contact Support