Running Copyright Reports

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It is easy to run a report of all items covered by the Annual Copyright License (ACL) for submission to the Copyright Clearance Center or for internal use using the ACL Survey link on the main Process ribbon. If your site does not have an Annual Copyright License the ACL Survey button will not be visible on the Process ribbon.

To run a report to see all items covered by the ACL in a particular date range:

  1. Click the ACL Survey button located on the main Process ribbon.
  2. Select any date range by entering dates in the Start Date and End Date fields.
  3. Click Create to create an Excel file (.xls file) containing the items submitted in the given date range.

Selecting an Appropriate Date Range

When selecting the date range to query for your report, please note that your selected "Start Date" and "End Date" will only return classes that both started and ended within that range. For example, selecting "8/1/2020" for the start date and "12/31/2021" for the end date adds the following line to the query that generates the report:
WHERE Courses.StartDate >= '2020-08-01' AND Courses.StopDate <= '2021-12-31'

This query will return a report listing only those classes that meet both of the following conditions:

  • Started on or after 8/1/2020
  • Ended on or before 12/31/2021
If a class started before your selected start date or ended after your selected end date, it will not be included in the report.


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