Processing Copyright with Alternate Copyright Providers

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Ares allows you to select alternate copyright providers, process rightsholder copyright requests, and store rightsholder permissions documents for viewing directly from the Item form. Alternate copyright providers are the rightsholders (publishers, institutions, etc.) you would need to contact directly, versus through the CCC, to obtain permission to use their articles. Ares stores your rightsholder's information, a list of holdings, and all item request that have been sent to a rightsholder in the Rightsholders Maintenance form located for easy access on the System ribbon of the client. You can select a rightsholder, request usage of an item, check and update permissions status for the item, upload permissions documents from the rightsholder, and remove a selected rightsholder from your item to select another all from the Rightsholder tab on the Item form.

Adding and Viewing Copyright Rightsholders

You can add and view a reference list of copyright rightsholders using the Rightsholders Maintenance form available under the main System ribbon. Also stored on this form are a list of the rightsholders journals and all item requests submitted to the rightsholders. You can also view a list of the Rightsholders directly from the Rightsholder tab on the Item form.

Selecting an Alternate Copyright Provider

Once you have added rightsholders, you can select an alternate copyright provider and send a permission request email directly from the Item form. Access the Rightsholder form by first clicking the Copyright tab in the Item form and then selecting the Rightsholder tab.

  1. From the Rightsholder Search grid, search and select the provider owning the rights to the journal that you want to use.
    • If you have a long list and know the provider you want to select, you can type the provider's name or another identifying factor such as city into the search field and it will locate the provider for you. Use the Clear button to return to the grid list.
  2. After you have selected a Rightsholder, click the Select button.
  3. The Rightsholder Information tab opens, displaying contact data for the selected Rightsholder.
  4. In the Terms and Fees section of the form, the Status displays as Pending and the Order Date displays the date the provider was selected.
  5. When a Rightsholder is selected, the item is removed from the Awaiting Copyright Processing virtual queue.

If you select a Rightsholder for a journal that is not already included in their Rightsholders Journals entries in the Rightsholders Maintenance form, the journal is added to the RightsholdersJournals table for that Rightsholder and an entry is created in the Rightsholders Journals grid. If you want to remove a journal from a Rightsholder, you will need to remove it manually from the Rightsholders Journal table on the Rightsholders Maintenance form.

Contacting the Alternate Copyright Provider

After selecting the rightsholder, you can request permission to use the article either by printing and mailing a request or emailing a request directly from the Rightsholder form. Note that the rightsholder will need to have an email address listed in the email field of the Rightsholder Information section or one will need to be added when the Edit Email form opens.

  1. To print a copyright permissions request document to mail, click Print Request. The request will print according to your configured printer settings.
  2. To email a copyright permissions request, click Email Request. The email opens for editing.
  3. Edit the email and send the email using the Send button.
  4. If you have elected to use Email Routing to route the item when the email is sent, toggle the Change Status on Send button to ON.

See Creating Alternate Copyright Providers to learn about configuring copyright permissions print and email documents.

Updating Copyright Permissions

When you receive notification that the request is approved or denied, you can change the rightsholder status accordingly.

  1. If copyright permissions have been approved, click Granted.
  2. This changes the rightsholder Status entry in the Terms and Fees section to Granted and places a check in the Copyright Obtained checkbox on the Details section of the Item form. The item is also removed from the Awaiting Copyright Processing virtual queue.
  3. If the request for permission was denied, click Denied. This changes the rightsholder Status entry in the Terms and Fees section to Denied.
  4. You will then need to remove copyright information so the item can return to the Awaiting Copyright Processing virtual queue.

Removing Copyright Information

If you need to remove a selected rightsholder from an item, use the Remove Item Copyright button. This action returns the item to the Awaiting Copyright Processing virtual queue so that you can continue to process the item for copyright approval. Removing a rightsholder from the item removes everything from the database for that rightsholder, including the permissions document if one has been loaded. The copyright History tab, however, retains records of the copyright providers and associated information. The Copyright Clearance Center tab, deactivated when the rightsholder was selected, is reactivated so you can process copyright through the CCC.


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