Copyright Queries

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You can customize what is shown in the Reserves History grid of the Process Copyright form by editing the Copyright query in the CopyrightQuery customization key. This key contains the actual text of the default SQL query that is run to determine the contents of the Reserves History grid. The default query used to build the Reserve History information on the Process Copyright form returns the following columns for a selected item: Pages, Page Count, Pages Entire Work and Current Status. Results are limited to items that belong to the same course as the item you are matching.

SELECT DISTINCT I.ItemID, I.Pages, I.PageCount, I.PagesEntireWork, I.CurrentStatus
FROM Items I INNER JOIN Courses C ON I.CourseID = C.CourseID
WHERE I.ItemID <> @ItemID AND I.CourseID = @CourseID
AND I.CurrentStatus NOT LIKE 'Item Cancelled%'
AND ((@ISXN <> '' AND ISXN = @ISXN) OR (@ISXN = '' AND I.Title = @Title))

The Default Awaiting Copyright Processing Query

The default Awaiting Copyright Processing SQL query determines which items require copyright processing. These items are flagged for copyright processing and appear in the System group on the Ares Home page. When the Process Copyright form is opened these items are listed in the Awaiting Copyright Processing grid. The default query is:

FROM Items I
JOIN Courses C ON I.CourseID = C.CourseID
LEFT JOIN ItemFlags V ON I.ItemID = V.ItemID
WHERE I.CopyrightRequired = 1
AND I.CopyrightObtained = 0
AND I.ItemID NOT IN (SELECT ItemID FROM ItemCopyright)
AND I.CurrentStatus NOT IN ('Item Cancelled by Staff', 'Item Cancelled by Instructor', 'Awaiting Supply by Instructor','Item Submitted')
AND I.ProcessingLocation = [Your current site]

Customizing the Default Copyright Query

You can customize this query to change what is shown in the Reserves History grid. The following parameters are available for a currently selected item:

  • @ItemID (INT)
  • @Title (VARCHAR(255))
  • @ISXN (VARCHAR(20))
  • @ProcessingLocation (VARCHAR(50))

For example, the query can be customized to only show previous items that belonged to that journal AND the same instructor, OR to only show the history once the usage of the journal exceeds a certain number of times, if for example your fair use was 4 copies and you don't care about usage until that number has been exceeded.

Overriding the Default Copyright Query

You can also override this query on your local client by placing a copyright.txt file containing a query in your Ares client application directory. If this file exists the client will try to use its contents as the SQL query instead of the query contained in the CopyrightQuery key. If the query in the .txt file is blank or invalid, the Process Copyright form will then try to use the value from the customization key. If that value is blank or invalid, it will then fall back on the default query.

Modifying Items Shown in the Awaiting Copyright Queue

You can customize the default query and modify which items are shown in the queue by setting the value of the AwaitingCopyrightProcessingMatchString customization key. The text in this key will be appended to the SQL query, allowing you to add additional conditions to better reflect the specifics of how your site handles copyright.

When constructing the match string, the relevant table aliases are:

  • I: Items
  • C: Courses
  • V: ItemFlags

For example, setting the AwaitingcopyrightProcessingMatchString to the following value excludes items with the custom flag "Marked for Supervisor Review."

AND (V.Flag IS NULL OR V.Flag <> 'Marked for Supervisor Review')


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