Configuring Copyright Settings

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There are a number of keys that you will need to set to allow Ares to have access to your copyright service account information. This will allow you to process copyright seamlessly in Ares. You will set these keys in the Ares Customization Manager under System | Copyright.

If you have multiple processing locations in your Ares system, you will want to have the CentralCopyrightProcessing key set to Yes if all copyright processing should be done at your main site. If each site does their own copyright processing, leave it at No.

Copyright Clearance Center

The following Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) keys are already set by default in Ares and you should not need to make any changes:

  • CCCHomepage
  • CCCECCGatewayURI
  • CCCECCGatewayURL

Annual CCC Copyright License

If you are subscribed to the Copyright Clearance Center's annual License service, you will need to set the following keys. All keys are located in the System | Copyright section in the Ares Customization Manager.

Set this key to Yes.
CCCUsername Enter the username for your CCC account. This information is necessary for placing copyright orders with CCC.
CCCPassword Enter the password for your CCC account.

You may also choose to edit the following CCC keys:

  • CCCDefaultNumPages: The number of pages used to request a quick price from the CCC if the item does not specify a page count. The default is 5.
  • CCCStatusUpdateEnabled: Whether or not you allow the Ares System Manager to update CCC copyright items. The default is Yes.
  • CCCStatusUpdateRunTime: The time of day System Manager will perform its daily CCC status update. The default is 0.125.
  • CCCStatusUpdateRunNow: Setting this key to Yes will force System Manager to run an off-schedule CCC status update within one minute, after which this key will be reset to No.

Calculating Copyright Fees

Copyright fees will be determined based on the number of students in a course, set by the CopyrightCourseStudent key. Ares can calculate copyright fees in two different ways: Enrolled Students or Ares Students. Enrolled Students is equivalent to the number of students enrolled based on input by faculty/staff. Ares Students is equivalent to the number of students that have access to the course.

  1. If you want to calculate the copyright fee based on the number of students who have registered for the course through Ares, go to the CopyrightCourseStudents key and type Ares Students.
  2. If you want to calculate the copyright fee based on the number of students specified by the instructor during course creation, type Enrolled Students.
  3. The key CopyrightDefaultStudents can be used for a default number in cases where the instructor does not provide an enrollment number.
  4. Click Save after making any changes in the Customization Manager. 

Copyright Method

The CopyrightMethod key allows you to customize the options for this key will affect how copyright is handled on each Item record. The following values are the options for this key.

  • CCC: You use the Copyright Clearance Center to secure Copyright. Item records will be set to Yes when Items are submitted from the web.
  • Alternate Provider: You secure copyright from some other source. Item records will be set to Yes when Items are submitted from the web.
  • None: The library does not secure copyright for reserves materials. Item records will be set to Yes when Items are submitted from the web. The Awaiting Copyright Processing option will not display in the System Group. Copyright processing options will remain on the Item record for copyright processing if necessary.

Cloning in the client observes the RequireCopyrightClonedItems customization key. If you set CopyrightMethod to None and do not want the RequiresCopyright value set to Yes on newly cloned Item records, change RequireCopyrightClonedItems to Never.

Uploading Permissions Documents

There are two options for uploading documents to your Ares server: File Share or FTP. You will need to configure the following keys:

ClientUploadMethod If you are using File Share to upload documents, this key should be set to Share. If you are using FTP, it should be set to FTP. This key is located under System | Client Upload.
If the ClientUploadMethod key is set to Share, this key must be set. This key specifies the UNC path to upload copyright permission documents. It should be set by default to the ares\copyrightdocs folder on your web server. This key is located under System | Copyright.
If the ClientUploadMethod key is set to FTP, this key must be set. This key specifies the path to the Copyright Permissions document folder when FTPing to the web server. This key is located under System | Copyright.




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