Using ILLiad Copyright Processing Without a CCC Marketplace Account After the 9.1.4/9.2 Update

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.1.4/9.2
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Do I have to create a CCC Marketplace account to continue using non-CCC copyright processing features in ILLiad after updating to v9.1.4/9.2? 


No. A CCC Marketplace account is only required if you wish to use the CCC copyright processing functionality to perform CCC copyright searches and ordering directly through the ILLiad Client. If your institution does not use ILLiad to perform CCC copyright searches and orders, then you will not need to set up a CCC Marketplace account after updating. You will be able to continue to use the Process Copyright screen in the ILLiad Client for non-CCC-related actions such as tracking fair use limits for journal titles without an account. However, some additional configuration will be required in the ILLiad Customization Manager to avoid CCC credential-related error messages on the Process Copyright screen after the update (see Disabling CCC Auto Search below). 

This update will not affect any of your borrowing workflows for non-CCC copyright processing in ILLiad. You will still be able to perform these normal processes such as recording direct to the publisher copyright information on the request form or finding an alternative copyright supplier such as RAPID or Reprints without interruption after update.

Disabling CCC Auto Search 

Since anonymous searches of the CCC database are no longer permitted through ILLiad, you will need to disable the default Auto Search function on the Process Copyright screen to avoid triggering the "Error communicating with CCC" message box that appears when attempting a CCC search through ILLiad without proper CCC account credentials. To disable Auto Search:

  1. Open the ILLiad Customization Manager
  2. Locate the CCCAutoSearch key located under Borrowing | Copyright
  3. Change the Key Value to No in order to disable the Auto Search 
  4. Click Save to save the new setting for the key



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