Creating Users from UserValidation Records

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If your institution enters registrar information into the Ares system via user loading, Ares allows you to create new users using data from the UserValidation table. Search for user records created by user loading using the Search User Validation feature available in the Search Users group. From your search results, select the record you want to use to create the new user. The new user is created using data from the chosen UserValidation record.

How It Works

The Search User Validation feature conducts a search of the UserValidation database table using your search criteria. When you select a record from search results and click the Add User button, information from the UserValidation record is transferred to a User form and automatically saved as a new user. If the UserValidation table does not contain values in the City, State, Zip, Expiration Date or Password fields, these fields are populated with the same default values used when a user is created from the Home ribbon. You will be prompted to create a new password for the user before the user can be saved. If the Library ID or Username fields are invalid, i.e., already in use by another user, a pop-up message displays to alert you to correct these items before you can manually save the new user record.

Creating a User from UserValidation data

  1. Perform a search for the UserValidation record you want to use by entering your criteria in the Search Users box and clicking Search User Validation.
  2. From the search results list, select the record you want to use to create your user and click the Add User button.
  3. The User form for the new user opens and is populated with fields from the UserValidation table.
  4. If there are no missing or invalid fields the new user is automatically saved to the database.
  5. If you are prompted to enter a new password, enter the password into the popup prompt.
  6. If the Library ID or Username fields are invalid, enter the correct information into these fields.
  7. Manually save the user by clicking the Save icon.


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