Deleting Users

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Users are deleted from the User form using the Delete User button located on the Home ribbon. Deleting a user from Ares removes the user record from the database along with all references to the user, including course enrollment, proxy relationships, notes, system alerts, emails, hot lists, tags, and course subscription preferences.

If the user falls under any of the following criteria, the Delete User button is disabled, prohibiting the user from being deleted from the database:

  1. The user is an Instructor
  2. The user has requested reserve items in their name

If the user is an Instructor, removing Instructor Privileges will enable the Delete User button provided no other criteria apply. Deleting a user is an irreversible action and cannot be undone. If a deleted user attempts to submit a request, a default message appears warning that the username is not in the database.

Deleting a User from the User Form

Delete users quickly from the Users form in the Ares client.

  1. Click the Delete User button on the Home ribbon of the User form.
  2. A popup warning prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the user. Click Yes to delete the user.
  3. Clicking Yes removes all references to the user in the database and closes the User form.

Database Tables Affected by User Deletion

The following tables are affected when a user is deleted from the database:

  • CourseUserSubscription
  • CourseUsers
  • ItemTags
  • UserHotList
  • ProxyUsers
  • UserNotes
  • SystemAlerts
  • UserSystemAlerts
  • Users
  • StaffAccess
  • WebSession


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