User Registration on the Web

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When a user needs to create or access course reserves information in Ares, they must first log in. Instructors and students access the reserves department through the web interface. The web interface connection is http://Ares/ServerName/Ares. From this page, users can create an account to access the web interface. Library staff can access the web interface, but normally create instructor and student accounts and manage course and reserve information from within the client. The Ares Logon page is where the New User Signup Link is located. You can post static alerts to the Logon page to communicate important information such as library closing, logon help or new services.

Creating a User Account

New users must register with the system before they can access course and reserve information. Users create an account by accessing the web interface at http://Ares/AresServerName/Ares, clicking the "Create Account" link on the login page and filling out the New Ares Account form. The New Ares Account form requests basic identification and contact information from the instructor. If required fields, indicated with a *, are not completed an error message displays when the Create Account button is clicked.

Required fields on the New Ares Account form are designated by an *asterisk. 

  • Username*
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Library ID*
  • Email Address*
  • Phone Number*
  • Address*
  • Address 2
  • City*
  • State*
  • Zip Code*
  • Status*
  • Department*
  • Password*
  • Confirm Password*
  • Password Hint
  • Default Course Email Subscriptions

Password Hint

The Password Hint field allows the user to create a reminder note that displays if the user enters the incorrect password at login. Ares will not allow the actual password to be used as the Password Hint.

Registering for Default Course Email Subscriptions

The Course Email Subscriptions feature is a default feature that gives instructors and students the option to be notified by email when items are made available for a course.

Like all HTML web pages, the New Ares Account form can be edited. You can add or remove fields and values and change the layout of the page. See Web Interface for more information.

Logging into an Ares Web Account

Once the New Ares Account form is completed and the Create Account button is clicked, the user is logged into Ares in student mode and taken directly to the home page of the Student Main Menu. If a user registers as an Instructor and you require instructors to be manually cleared configured an awaiting clearance alert to be posted to their account, the alert informs the Instructor that their new account must be cleared by reserves staff before they can add courses and post reserves materials. This default system alert can be edited and additional messages can be posted. Uncleared instructors can still perform any tasks that are offered to student users, such as changing user information and password and checking the MyEmails box. Unless you have configured Instructor users are marked as "not cleared" in the Client. Staff can then review those users and disavow them if they are not allowed to use the system or clear them as valid users. Staff can clear users at any point in the process.

Once cleared, instructors are logged into Ares in Instructor mode and can choose from the following functions from the Instructor Main Menu:

  • Switch to Student Mode - Allows the instructor to verify that courses and items appear to students as intended.
  • Instructor Tools:
    • Create a New Course - Opens a new page allowing the instructor to create a course by completing required course information and course authentication preferences.
    • Previous Courses - Displays an active grid of previous semesters courses. Selecting a course provides Course Details and an active grid of any reserves items. Instructors can view, edit or delete reserve items.
    • Upcoming Courses - Displays an active grid of current and upcoming courses. Selecting a course provides Course Details and an active grid of any reserves items. Instructors can view, edit or delete reserve items.
    • Full Proxy Users - Instructors can designate graduate assistants, department secretaries, etc., as Full Proxy Users. Full Proxy User access offers the ability to create and manipulate courses, including posting reserves items, for the instructor.
  • Ares Tools Menu:
    • Change User Information - Allows instructors to edit certain user information. The Username cannot be changed.
    • Change Password - Allows instructors to specify a new password and password hint.
    • My Emails - Displays the Notifications grid listing emails sent by the Ares system, including posted electronic reserves items information if the user has signed up for Course Email Subscriptions.


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