Blocking Users

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Blocking a user prohibits the user from accessing their web account until they have contacted reserves staff and corrected any outstanding issues. When the user attempts to check into their account via the web, a default status message informs them that they have been blocked. The status line that displays when a blocked user attempts to log into a web account is the SLBlocked status line.

Blocking a User

You can block cleared and uncleared users from within the User Form.

  1. Locate the user by searching users and selecting the user from the search results to open the User form.
  2. From the Home tab, click the Blocked button.
  3. The Clearance Status changes to Blocked and the user is prohibited from accessing the web account.

Unblocking a User

You can unblock a user which will allow the user to access their Ares web account again.

  1. To unblock a blocked user, simply click the Cleared or Not Cleared button in the Home ribbon of the User form.
  2. Unblocked, uncleared users can now be cleared in either the Clear Users form or the User form.


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