Clearing Users

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Staff use the Clear User form in order to verify user registration information, clear users and grant Instructor privileges. A user does not have to be cleared in order to access the web, register for courses, create courses or perform other user functions determined by the user status or any assigned Instructor Privileges. Clearing users is simply a way for staff to review newly registered users to make sure they have filled out reasonable contact information and are allowed access to an Ares web account. In addition this feature serves to allow you to monitor users and block or disavow those users that should not have an Ares account. 

You can set specific user statuses to clear automatically using the AutoClearStatuses key. This key applies to users created in the web and in the client. The AutoClearPreregisteredUsers key allows you to autoclear users created in the Web Service. The ClearCustomersInstructorStatuses key can be configured to automatically grant Instructor Privileges contingent on the user being cleared manually by staff. User can be cleared from the Clear Users form or the User form. Users who must be cleared are entered into the system by Ares as a Not Cleared status. 

When a user is cleared, Ares sends an email welcoming them to Ares. Users granted instructor privilege are also notified in the email that the can begin creating courses and requesting reserves items.

There are two places within the client that allow you to clear a user and set user permissions:

  1. Clear Users form
  2. User form

Clearing Users from the Clear User Form

The Clear Users form is accessible by double-clicking the Users to Clear row in the System Group. The Users to Clear grid displays all users needing to be cleared. The Similar Users grid displays all users in the database with similar email addresses or initial letter of last name. This alerts you to possible duplicate user accounts. Use the Similar Users list to verify that the user has not previously registered with Ares. Click on a user in the list to pull up the User form for that user and compare the two. To view all users in Ares and not just those similar to the user you are clearing, right-click in the grid and select Show All Users. Disavowed users are not included in the Similar Users list. The Detail, Address, Contact, and Additional Information sections provide detailed personal, address, institutional and contact information about the user. All fields displayed on the User form are displayed here, and all information can be edited. Changes to user information are not saved until an action is performed from the ribbon, for example, clearing the user or giving the user Instructor Privileges.

If you use the UserInfo fields, they are not shown by default but can be added to the form.

  1. Open the Clear Users form from the System ribbon or the System group.
  2. Click on the user that you want to clear in the Users to Clear grid.
  3. The user's information will display in the fields at the bottom of the form.
  4. Examine the information to verify that the user should be allowed access to an Ares account.
  5. Check the Similar Users grid to verify that the user is not already registered with Ares.
  6. To display all users in the database, right-click in the grid and select Show All Users.
  7. If the user is not already registered, clear the user by clicking Clear in the Clear User ribbon.
  8. If a user is already registered, click Delete.
  9. The user will immediately be cleared and disappear from the Users to Clear grid.
  10. Any changes made to the user's information are saved when the user is cleared.

Sending the Welcome Email to Cleared Users

If you want to send the default welcome email to the user (ClearUser) click the Send Clearance Email toggle button ON. The email will be sent automatically when the user is cleared. Note that the Send Clearance Email toggle button will retain the selected mode as a client layout change. If you want to send the default faculty version of the email (ClearUser-Faculty) or a custom user email, or edit the email before it is sent, clear the user from the User form.

Clearing Users from the User Form

You can clear newly created users from the User form immediately after creating the user in the client.

  1. If you just created the user in the client, you are already on the User form.
  2. Otherwise, locate the user by searching users and selecting the user from the search results to open the User form.
  3. Click the Cleared button on the Home ribbon.
  4. The Cleared Status changes from Not Cleared to Cleared.

Sending the Welcome Email to Cleared Users

If you want to send the default faculty version of the email (ClearUser-Faculty) or a custom user email, or edit the email before it is sent, clear the user from the User form.  Click the Email button and select the appropriate User template from the dropdown list. Edit the template and click the Send button. The email can be sent before or after clearing the user.



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