Setting User Permissions

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Staff Users can set specific permissions for Users from within the client. Permissions are set from the Clear User form or the User form. Changes to a User's permissions will go into effect immediately upon making the change.

Instructor Privileges

Giving a User Instructor privilege allows them to have access to the Instructor Tools menu on the Ares web pages. This allows them to create courses, add and delete reserve Items, and designate proxy Users for those courses.

  1. Open the User form for the User you want to give Instructor privileges to.
  2. In the Permissions section, click the Instructor button. This will change the user type from User to Instructor and enable Instructor privileges.

You can set Ares to allow certain Users to have Instructor privileges by default using the ClearCustomerInstructorStatuses key. See User Clearance Settings for more information.

Trusted Status

Users with a Trusted status are able to upload electronic file Items to a course on the Ares web pages without first having them reviewed by reserves staff.

  1. Open the User form for the User you want to set to Trusted.
  2. In the Permissions section, click the Trusted button.

The Trusted status applies unless there have been restrictions specified for a specific Document Type.


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