Changing Print Settings

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This article contains an overview of the basic configurable print settings and options in the Ares Client.

Changing Print Configurations | Enabling Legacy Mail Merge Functionality

Changing Print Configurations

Once you have printed using a document template you can view and change future template printing options manually on the Print Configurations form.

  1. Click the Main Menu Icon (Main Menu Icon) and choose Print Configuration. The Print Configurations form opens.
  2. Change the Printer, Edit, and Prompt settings by clicking the Save icon.
  3. If Edit is unchecked, the word template will not open for viewing and editing. If Prompt is unchecked, the Printer Settings form will not display when you print.
  4. Your Filter and Sort Columns settings can also be edited here.
  5. These settings are stored for each template on the local machine and not in your staff user profile, because the printers available on each workstation may be different.
  6. The Sort and Filter settings are saved to the print template directory while the remaining settings are saved locally per Windows user.
  7. The saved settings are now your default settings for printing your documents.

If you elect to be prompted to view the Printer Settings form before a print job, you can change the settings. When you click Print they are saved to Print Configurations.

Enabling Legacy Mail Merge Functionality

Ares Client v5.0.8 introduced a new default mail merge method to resolve printing errors caused by an issue found in recent Microsoft Word updates. The legacy mail merge method can be re-enabled via the Ares Client Options form for troubleshooting purposes if printing errors are encountered when using the new default mail merge method:

  1. Click on the Main Menu Icon(Main Menu Icon) at the top of the Ares Client window
  2. Click the Options button:

    Ares Options button

  3. The Ares Options window opens
  4. Under Print Settings, check the Use Legacy Mail Merge option:


  5. Click OK to close the Options form
  6. Re-attempt to print your document(s) from the Ares Client
  7. If printing errors are still not resolved, contact



If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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