Ares Default Print Templates

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Ares is configured to allow specific print jobs to be performed from specific queues. Ares knows which print template and data source to use based on customization settings.

  Excel Data Source Customization Key
CopyrightPermissions.xlsx CopyrightPermission
Printitem.docx PrintItem.xlsx PrintItemDoc
PullSlips.docx PullSlips.xlsx StacksPrintDoc

Print Template Location

This is the folder from which Ares 5.0 reads the print templates which is important to note for users who utilize customized print templates.   

Ares 5.0

  • If the Ares 5.0 Client is installed on a per-user basis, Ares will first check the value of the PrintDocumentsPath Customization Key and if it can't locate the templates, then it will check the new default location: %AppData%\Local\Apps\Ares\Client\Print\.
  • In order for Ares 5.0 to see the print templates for the individual user, you will need to copy them from C:\Program Files (x86)\Ares\Print to %AppData%\Local\Apps\Ares\Client\Print\ (replacing the default templates). 

Ares 4.7

The default location for version 4.7 is  C:\Program Files (x86)\Ares\Print as noted in the PrintDocumentsPath Customization Key.


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