Reprinting Documents

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Previous print sessions for pullslips and copyright permissions documents are stored in the PrintSessions table in the Ares database. This allows you to go back in the client and reprint selected documents, if necessary, by selecting the specific print session(s) containing those documents.

  1. To reprint a specific print session, open the Print Sessions form by clicking on the Ares Icon and choose Print Sessions
  2. Select the session or sessions you want to reprint and click the Reprint button.
  3. The document(s) will display or print automatically based on the print configurations for the document.
  4. You can choose to see all available print sessions or view only your own by selecting the My Sessions Only toggle button. Note that the setting you choose for this button will be saved for your future client sessions.

The Print Sessions form displays the 60 most recent print records. The Print Sessions grid contains the following database fields:

  • Session Id: The Id number links to the PrintDetails table, which stores the Items IDs for the documents originally printed in the chosen session.
  • Username: The username of the staff user  who printed the original print job
  • Print Date Time: Date and time stamp of the original print job
  • Print Type: Pull Slips or Copyright Permission Request
  • Items Printed: Number of documents printed in that session
  • Reprint Status: Number of items reprinted, e.g., "Reprinted 2 items"


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