Printing Pull Slips

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Clicking the Print Stacks Search Items button on the Process ribbon allows you to print pull slips to help you search for Items. This process moves the Items from Awaiting Stacks Searching to In Stacks Searching. The Print Stacks Search Items button prints pull slips using a Word template and .xlsx data source file. See Ares Default Print Templates to read more about the Word templates and data files used in Ares printing.

To print pull slips:

  1. Click the Print Stacks Search Items button located on the Process ribbon of the Home form.
  2. This will print the pull slips to the current default printer set up on the local workstation according to your printer settings.

The Print Stacks Search Items button uses the default PullSlips.docx Word template. This template merges with an .xlsx data source file called PullSlips.xlsx.

First Time Printing

The first time you print a document, the client will display the Ares Printer Settings screen to confirm, for each particular print template, your desired printing options.

Customization Keys

The StacksPrintDoc customization key in the Ares Customization Manager determines which print template is used with the Print Stacks Search Items button. You can define multiple templates to open when printing stacks search items by modifying the StacksPrintDoc customization key with each template separated by a comma. Each template will have its own sort and filter strings allowing different output for different types of items.


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