Creating New Print Templates

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The easiest way to create a new Ares print document is to take an existing one, preferably one already containing most of the Ares merge fields needed by the new document, and save it with a new filename. If this is not practical, you can instead create it from scratch in Microsoft Word. Once this is accomplished, edit the new document to contain the structure, text, and Ares merge fields that will be required by the new document. 

Associating a Word File with a Data Source

You will need to associate the Word file with an xlsx data source. Point the document at the data source file (.xlsx file) that is most appropriate for the document. Which data source you choose will be dependent upon the intended purpose of the new document and wherein the course of normal Ares processing this document is to be accessed.

Making Sure the Data Source File Exists

In order to associate a Word file with an xlsx data source, the source file needs to exist in the default folder, Ares\Print, located under the local Documents folder. If the data source file does not yet exist, you will need to print a default document that uses the .xlsx file you want to link your new document to, so that the .xlsx file will be created.

Linking the Document to the Data Source

  1. To establish a Word document's data source, open the Word template from the default location (either on your server or from C:\Program Files\Ares\Print).
  2. When the Microsoft Office Word pop up screen displays Opening this document will run the following SQL Command: SELECT * FROM .. click No. You are creating a new association with the xlsx file.
  3. Click the Mailings tab to view the mail merge commands there.
  4. Click Select Recipients | Use Existing List.
  5. On the Select Data Source screen, navigate to the location of your xlsx data source files. The default location is your local My Documents\Ares\Print\ file.
  6. Select the appropriate .xlsx form, and click Open.
  7. On the Select Table screen, select PrintQueue and click OK.
  8. Save the changes to the Word template.
  9. The Word template is now associated with the .xlsx form.

Remember that if your Ares documents are stored on a server you may need to contact your Ares server administrator to modify the documents.


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