Printing Item Records

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You can print a single record for an Item from the Item form. The Print Item button located on the Quick Access Toolbar will print the current record using a Word template and .xls data source file. See Ares Default Print Templates read more about the Word templates and data files used in Ares printing.

To print an item record from the Item form:

  1. Search and find the Item record using the Search Items form, or open the Item from by clicking on the item in the appropriate status queue.
  2. On the Quick Access Toolbar on the top left of the form, click the Print Icon.
  3. This will print the Item record to the current default printer set up on the local workstation according to your printer settings.

If you do not see the Print icon in the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click on any other icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and select Reset to default. The print icon will now display.


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