Printing Overview

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Printing within Ares requires print templates, data files, and several customization key settings. In order to print the Ares documents used in the course of processing Reserves requests, Ares uses a combination of Word document templates and Excel output data files (.xls files). The Word templates are by default stored in the C:\Program Files\Ares\Print\ folder while the data files are written to the currently logged in user's Ares\Print\ folder under the Documents directory. 

During each print process, the data files and the document templates are merged together to create the new, complete document to be printed. The merging of the two types of files is handled internally by the Ares client. The resulting Word document is displayed for you to view, edit for that print job if necessary, and print. You can modify and customize the Microsoft Word template at any time to change the formatting and content of the printouts. In order for printing to work properly, customization keys must be set to enable Ares to locate the print templates and specify which print template should be used for a specific process. 



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