Creating Requests for a User in the Client

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To add requests for a selected user directly into the Aeon client for processing. Reading room requests are added on the User Information Form. Photoduplication requests are activated from reading room requests using the Initialize Photoduplication button on the Request form.

Creating a New Reading Room Request

In the User Information Form, click the New Request for User icon located on the Home ribbon. This opens a new Request form for you to complete. Fill out the bibliographic information for the request. Be sure that the document type (Monograph, Serial or Monograph) is appropriate to the entered information. Save the new request by clicking Save Changes on the Process ribbon. Once you save the request, a Transaction Number is assigned and the Transaction Status is changed to Awaiting Request Processing. Because the request is open it also appears in the transitional status queue of Request in Processing should you want to begin processing the open item immediately. If you don't want to process the item immediately, simply close the Request form by clicking the x in the upper right corner. It will remain at the Awaiting Request Processing status.

The New Request for User button will be deactivated (greyed out) if the user has been disavowed. Staff cannot place requests for disavowed users. The tooltip for the button will display the message "User is disavowed" to remind staff why this button is inactive.

Creating a Photoduplication Request

If the request is for a copy, the process to create it in the client requires that you first create a reading room request and then use the Initialize Photoduplication button located on the Request form to activate the photoduplication workflow. It is likely that the researcher has already created a reading room request and now would like to order copies; in that case, you can use the original reading room request to create your photoduplication request. Note that creating a photoduplication request via the client using Initiate Photoduplication does not create a new request with a new transaction number. It simply activates the photoduplication workflow on the original request. When photoduplication is initiated on a request in the client, the initial Photoduplication Status for the request will be Awaiting Order Submittal. In order to facilitate billing for a photoduplication request, be sure to complete the Format, Service Level, and Shipping Option fields in the Request form.

Creating a Request for an Activity or Researcher

If the request is for an Activity or a proxy researcher, open the Request For field, select Activity or Researcher and choose the correct Activity or researcher in the grid.





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