Creating Users

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Non-staff users can be created in both the Aeon Desktop Client and Aeon Web Client. When a user is created, the user record is housed on the User Information form in the Aeon Desktop Client. You create, edit, view, and track user information from this form as well as add an image to the user record. In the Aeon Web Client, the user record and details are stored and modified on the User Information page, however, user images can only be added and/or modified using the Aeon Desktop Client.

Creating a New User | Adding an Image to the User Record (Desktop Client Only)

Creating a New User

Use the tabs below to learn how to create new user records in the Aeon Desktop Client and Aeon Web Client.

Desktop Client Web Client

To create a new user record in the Aeon Desktop Client:

  1. From the Home page, click the Add User button on the Home ribbon.
  2. Fill in the new user's username, first and last name, ID Number, etc.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.
  4. Input a password, and then input it again in the second box for verification.
  5. Click OK. The user has now been added to the system.

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Adding an Image to the User Record (Desktop Client Only)

Desktop Client only

Once you have created the new user you can choose to store and display an external image file on the User Information form. User images can only be added and modified using the Aeon Desktop Client, however, the user image will display for the user in the Aeon Web Client.

To add an image to a user record:

  1. Right click on the generic Image icon and choose Select Image (or double-click the image).
  2. The Select Image form opens. Click on Import Image and navigate to the image you want to load into Aeon. Click Open.
  3. The image will import into the Select Image form. Here you can choose from among the Image Options to zoom, rotate and size the image within the Preview space.
  4. Save the image by clicking the Save icon. The image will be placed under the Details tab of the User Information form.
  5. Click Save Changes on the User Information form to save the image to the user's record.

Reloading a New Image

To reload a new image, simply follow the steps above, selecting a new image or choosing from a previously stored image.

Saving the Image to a File

To save a loaded image to a file, right-click and choose Save Image to File. All previous images are recorded in the Image History on the Select Image form.

The creation date for user accounts created either in the client or in the web interface is stored in the CreationDate field in the Users table of the database and displays next to the user's name in the Users Waiting to be Cleared group.


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