Editing User Information in the Client

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You can make changes to user information in the Client on the User Information form. The username, password, and other information can be changed here. All changes are tracked on the History tab of the User Information form.

Changing the Username

You can change a username using the Change Username icon on the Home ribbon of the User Information form.

  1. Click the Change Username icon. The Change Username forms opens.
  2. Enter the new username in the New Username field and click Accept.
  3. The username automatically changes to the new username.


Changing the User Password

You can change a user's password using the Change Password icon on the Home ribbon of the User Information form. You can choose any password you like, though it is advisable that users be given a generic password that they can change upon login. The password is case-specific: the text should be lower case. For example, the password "AEON" should not be used. Instead, use "aeon". It is recommended that the Force Reset on Login checkbox option is used to ensure that the user changes that generic password to something more secure via the customer web pages.

  1. Click the Change Password icon. 
  2. A popup box will appear. Type the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  3. Optionally, check the Force Reset on Login checkbox. When checked, this will prompt the user to reset their password upon attempting to log in.
  4. Click OK to change the password.


Changing User Information

Changes to other user information are made by clicking on the appropriate field on the Detail tab of the User Information form.

  1. Type or select the new information to enter into the field you are changing.
  2. Fields you edit will be highlighted until they are saved.
  3. Click the Save Changes icon on the Home ribbon to save the changes.


Tracking Changes to User Information

The History tab on the User Information form tracks all changes made to user records under the User Change History panel. It also tracks, in the User History panel, when the user is cleared and when user information is changed. A record of the changes to any uploaded images is also saved under in the User Change History panel.



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